Web Summit: Conferences media professionals can’t miss

Web Summit: Conferences media professionals can’t miss

Web Summit starts in a few days. Did you manage to organize your schedule? Do you know what lectures you want to watch?

Preparation is key for this type of events. In Web Summit’s case, you’ll have to navigate through four intense days filled with 21 conferences and a world of lectures gathering more than 600 speakers. The big obstacle? Being able to organize your schedule so you don’t miss what’s really important.

Web Summit’s app can help you with that, since it recommends lectures based on your profile. However, it’s important to analyze each event and, for those who work or are interested in media, there are several conferences that should be attended.

The future and the survival of media, the digital language of the media, the relationship between media and social media or how to make money out of media projects are some of the topics in the agenda.

The debate will feature speakers from various international media powerhouses like Financial Times, Bloomberg, Associated Press or Forbes, and from other successful projects like Storyful or Re/code.


Main Stage


World War Media

Date: November 9th, 11:40am
Speakers: Till Faida (Founder & CEO, Adblock Plus); Cait O’Riordan (CPIO, Financial Times); Justin Smith (CEO, Bloomberg Media) and Michael Hirschorn (CEO, Ish Entretenimento)
Categories: Advertising; Marketing and Content & Media

How can the media survive and indeed thrive from now on?



Social Media versus The Brand

Date: November 9th, 12:55pm
Speakers: Justin Smith (CEO, Bloomberg Media) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek)
Categories: Advertising, AI, Content & Media, Entertainment, Social Media

Knowledge is Power. Media flocked to social platforms for two things, one is engaging audiences– and the second is the promise of more knowledge about them. Did they get what they were after? And should they proceed with caution?

Tale as old as real-time

Date: November 9th, 3:15pm
Speakers: David Kogan (Executive Director, Magnum Photos), Cait O’Riordan (CPIO, Financial Times), Rahul Chopra (CEO, Storyful) and Joy Jones (VP of Products, Associated Press)
Categories: Advertising, Content & Media, Social Media, UX, Press

Breaking news and investigative reporting have been revolutionized by technology, but how do the media giants make their migration to digital storytelling?

The pulse of the audio market

Date: November 10th, 12:20pm
Speakers: Dean Cappello (Chief Content Officer, New York Public Radio), Anne McElvoy (Senior Editor, The Economist), Jason Phipps (Head of Audio, The Guardian) and Dean Cappello (Chief Content Officer, New York Public Radio)
Categories: Content & Media, Big Data, Entertainment, Software, Data Science

Do two or three platforms control audio publishing industry?

Why TV can still surprise you

DateNovember 10th, 2:15pm
Speakers: B Perrette (President, Discovery Networks International, Discovery Communications), Michael Shamberg (Producer, MS Production), Mark Read (CEO, Wunderman), Belinda Rowe (Global Managing Partner, ZenithOptimedia) and Kurt Wagner (Senior Editor, Re/code)
Categories: Content & Media, Entertainment, Advertising

On-demand networks showed legacy networks that competition is rife in the digital era, and content, along with convenience, is king. Is the dust settling on a new status quo?



A world of alternatives: Media, identity and diversity

Date: November 9th, 2:35pm
Speakers: Ian Daniel (Co-Host/Executive Producer, Gaycation), Osric Chau (Actor, Supernatural), Reni Eddo-lodge (Author & Journalist, Freelance) and Zing Tsjeng (Editor at Broadly, VICE Media LLC)
Categories: Content & Media; Advertising; Entertainment; Press; Social Media

Have global media and social networks really offered a space for people to accept and adopt a really diverse set of identities?



When it comes to media making money

Date: November 9th, 3:35pm
Speakers: Div Turakhia (fundador & CEO Media.net Estados Unidos), Tom Davis (CMO Forbes Estados Unidos), Karin Klein (sócio fundador Bloomberg Beta Estados Unidos) and James Cooper (editor Adweek Estados Unidos).
Categories: Content & Media; Advertising; Entertainment; Press; Social Media

The conventional narrative is that the traditional media model is broken. But yet news doesn’t stop needing constant reporting and media companies are somehow making it pay. How does the media monetise content without sacrificing quality, reputation and reader experience?

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