The countdown for Web Summit has officially begun but don’t worry, there is still time to organize your schedule and prepare for one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship conferences in the world.

In only four days you will be able to attend 21 conferences and many more lectures. However, if you are in marketing, there are a couple of events you can’t miss.

Among all the subjects, we choose to highlight creativity, social media, storytelling and content marketing, paying special attention to its importance as well as its speakers.


Main Stage


Will everything you know about advertising soon be irrelevant?

Date: November 8th, 12:40pm
Speakers: Maurice Levy (Chairman & CEO, Publicis Groupe), Gary Briggs (CMO, Facebook) and Tom Dotan (Reporter, The Information)
Categories: Marketing and Advertising

More and more we have seen that newer platforms will dominate the advertising landscape but, if you want to make your mark, you still have to find a creative way to cut through the clutter. How are traditional agencies and platforms co-existing and is it a marriage made in heaven or hell?



Think like a startup – it’s how marketers will succeed

Date: November 8th, 2:10pm
Speakers: ete Blackshaw (CDO, Nestlé) and Reggie Bradford (SVP, Oracle)
Categories: Marketing and Social Media

The streets of technology are littered with once-successful companies that didn’t see disruption coming – think Blackberry, Kodak, and countless others. A lack of agility and entrepreneurial passion and culture will be the death of many companies. Oracle SVP Reggie Bradford and Pete Blackshaw, global head of digital and social media at Nestlé, discuss the critical importance of marketing to start thinking like a startup to succeed in today’s digital, social and mobile world.

Millennials to their own devices

Date: November 9th, 11:35am
Speakers: Shane Snow (Co-Founder, Contently), Jonathan Hunt (Global VP, Marketing and Communications, Vox Media) and James Cooper (Editor, Adweek)
Categories: Marketing, Social media and Advertising

Millennials are hooked to their mobile devices, spending more time than ever connected to smartphone screens. This has dramatic effects for how we have traditionally consumed media social and advertising. Does smaller screen consumption further damage the traditional media and advertiser model or present new and unparalleled opportunities to reach millennials?

Living, breathing, storytelling

Date: November 9th, 12:00pm
Speakers: Americo Silva (Head of Social Media, Shell), Peter Hamilton (CEO, TUNE) and George Slefo (Tech Reporter, Ad Age)
Categories: Marketing and Advertising

The skill of telling a compelling brand story has never been more important in a landscape filled with noise and distraction. But as consumers move in their droves to mobile consumption, how do brands tailor a story which once worked for the big screen to a much smaller one without impacting user experience or being ignored completely?

How content drives marketing

Date: November 9th, 2:05pm
Speakers: Simon Sproule (CMO, Aston Martin), Rene Rechtman (Presidente, Maker Studios), Constantin Eis (Co-founder Casper Sleep GmbH), Jeremy Goldman (Fundador Firebrand Group), Roxanne Taylor (CMO, Accenture)
Categories: Marketing and Advertising

From ads to video to stories, content is defining how many of the world’s leading marketers engage with their audience. For some content is key, for others it’s an afterthought. This panel will explore the relevance of content in making your message matter.

Why has social changed how we discover and buy online?

Date: November 10th, 12:40pm
Speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk (Founder & CEO, VaynerMedia), Apu Gupta (Founder & CEO, Curalate) and Martin Swant (Writer, Adweek)
Categories: Marketing, Advertising and UX

This session will explore how experiences consumers have on social media are shaping their expectations for how they discover and shop for products online. Speakers will share insights about online discovery, the shift to vertical video, the rise in micro-influencers, and overall how technology is changing the retail industry.

Marketing in 2017

Date: November 10th, 2:10pm
Speakers: Ruzwana Bashir (Founder & CEO, Peek), Winston Binch (Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America, Deutsch Inc.), Justin McLeod (CEO, Hinge), Kim Salzer (CMO, Hyperloop One) and George Slefo (Tech Reporter, Ad Age)
Categories: Marketing and Advertising

This panel will look ahead to the next 12 months and ask how marketing will be shaped. What will be born, what will live and what will die in the marketing sphere?

Where does adblocking go from here?

Date: November 10th, 2:50pm
Speakers: Till Faida (Founder & CEO, Adblock Plus) e Lara O’Reilly (Senior Editor, Business Insider UK)
Categories: Marketing, Advertising and AdTech

Initial fears about adblocking may have been unfounded. This session will discuss whether adblocking and advertisers can be friends after all.



Do social media dilute your brand?

Date: November 10th, 1:05pm
Speakers: Blaise Zerega (Editor in Chief, VentureBeat), Gregory Gittrich (Chief Content Officer, Mashable) and Tom Dotan (Reporter, The Information)
Categories: Marketing, Social Media, AdTech, Advertising and AI

Publishing direct content on social media, over time, negatively impacts your brand integrity. All those in favor, say aye.

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